Wellspring Counseling Services, Inc


"I have been seeing Melody with Wellspring for a while. She is a wonderful, caring and helpful counselor.  I love the way she helps me visibly work toward my personal goals in counseling"



"I highly recommend Wellspring Counseling Services.  When I first was diagnosed with depression, it was major depression.  Now I have minimum depression. It is a wonderful place to go and release your stress and all your concerns and problems. She takes time to really listen to you and make wonderful decisions to help you.You can tell its more than just a job to her. She makes you make goals for yourself and then she motivates you to reach them.  I am now bringing my teenage boy here for help.  If you are in need of a loving, considerate person who will take as much time as is needed to make you feel better about yourself and make you feel like you matter, this is the place for you".  


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